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wireline intervention


Long laterals, complex wells, unexpected conditions? No matter what you encounter, MPC Kinetic has a fleet of advanced equipment and experienced crews to deliver wireline success anywhere in Australia.

MPC Kinetic’s portfolio of slickline and electrical wireline technology includes some of the most versatile tool combinations in the industry
and can be deployed from a single truck-mounted crane, reducing the number of personnel and mobilisation time required, delivering efficiencies for our clients.

Our technical team understands that important decisions affecting wellsite operations must often be made promptly. Consequently, we
are committed to providing a fast turnaround on log processing and interpretation services.

These same experienced and flexible teams can install wellheads and frac trees, conduct maintenance and carry out integrity testing and servicing. The same crews conduct frac support and flowback, surface and downhole pressure testing and customised downhole pumping solutions.



e-Line Logging & Perforating


Pipe Recovery