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MPC Kinetic is a forward-thinking company and understands the benefit of having a multi-tiered framework of energy production that underpins the supply of Australia's and the world's needs now, and into the future.


This is why our business is playing a key role in the development of Australia’s renewable resource sector by partnering with companies focused on harnessing sustainable green energy through wind and solar farms.

Our experienced engineering, construction and electrical teams have been responsible for the delivery of solar projects throughout Australia. 

Solar Projects

Project Name: Solar Boost Project

Client: Solar Areva 

Project Value: $13 million

Location: Kogan, Queensland

Scope: 60km steam pipeline

Timeframe: Feb 2012 - Feb 2013

Workforce: ​​25

Project Name: Solar Boost Project

Client: Southern Pacific Sands 

Project Value: $

Location: Nigni, Queensland

Scope: Installation of double-sided solar panels

Timeframe: October 2019

Workforce: ​​15