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MPC Kinetic

MPC Kinetic provides essential upstream services to the energy and resource industries.


MPC Kinetic is built on the premise of ensuring our clients have the highest level of confidence while our team delivers their project – from concept through to completion.


We achieve this through effective execution of field-proven, multi-faceted construction capabilities that ensure large-scale resource developments are realised, and by innovating long-term, highly-efficient operation and maintenance solutions.       


And it’s a successful formula.


MPC Kinetic continues to play key roles in Australia’s largest resource developments and as a result has forged strong, long-term working relationships with most of our country’s leading resource sector companies.


The company’s breadth of expertise across the Oil and Gas, Mining, Renewable and Water sectors is underpinned by two things – understanding and commitment.


MPC Kinetic can deliver positive project outcomes for its clients because it has a strong understanding of development and operational challenges, and backs this
up with a determined pursuit of innovative solutions that deliver maximum benefit.


We are a `can do’ company.


Our clients continue to choose us to deliver their projects because they want a company with field-proven experience to foresees challenges; that has a skilled and diversified management and field team in place to problem solve; and values a company culture that is underpinned by a passion to deliver.


MPC Kinetic has earned a solid reputation for being prepared to, and capable of, leading the industry in the development of end-to end project solutions.

Find out what drives our people to deliver for clients, to support the communities we work in and why we always focus on working responsibly.  

Keep updated on media coverage of our project activities, industry award wins and initiatives that we have developed to support our host communities.  

MPC Kinetic's Leadership Team has been highly successful in introducing the company's large portfolio of service offerings to new and emerging energy and resource sectors and expanding our presence within our existing markets.

Built on the premise of always seeking out better ways to do things, MPC Kinetic has a reputation for being able to embrace or develop new technology to provide clients with innovative end-to-end project solutions.