fluid management


The volume of water required and produced from wellsite operations is growing, making the efficient management of fluids critical.


In remote operations, the successful implementation of a water plan can change the economic feasibility of operations.

MPC Kinetic has a proven track record of providing the energy sector with optimised fluid planning and execution.


By being involved across the life cycle of a well, MPC Kinetic can use a holistic approach to collaborate with our customers, and provide fit for purpose solutions.


MPC Kinetic holds a large inventory of pumps, hoses, fittings, water tankers and storage options to cover any fluid operational eventuality.


Some of the innovations introduced by MPC Kinetic include:


The FlexiPond is a key component in managing large volumes of fluids on site quickly, safely and with minimal disturbance. The above ground, portable dam can be deployed and installed in a single day, and can conform to the dimensions and shape available on each location.

Since the first installation in 2012, the following milestones have been achieved:

  • 500 + installations

  • Nearly 1 billion litres safely stored

  • Nearly 2 billion litres safely transferred

  • Over 2 billion tonnes of earthworks prevented

Custom Built Tanks

MPC Kinetic’s operational experience has led to several new designs for mobile tank solutions.

These have been introduced to our customer’s remote locations to optimise specific, operational requirements.


These design criteria include:

  • Increased mobility

  • Increased volumes

  • Ability to handle 3 phase flow

  • Reduced cleaning/emptying times

  • Ability to separate multiple phases or blends

Production Services

MPC Kinetic supplies personnel and equipment to connect directly to the wellbore for pressure control and managing of produced fluids. The services ensure there is integrity for future production and intervention operations.


These services include:

  • Well testing

  • Flowback

  • Flaring

  • Downhole chemical injection

  • Wellhead supply, install and servicing

  • Frac Trees

  • Barrier evaluation

  • Casing testing

  • Data acquisition

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