MPC Kinetic continues to have a strong and constant presence in Australia’s pipeline industry.

We have constructed more than 8,000 km of new pipe networks across more than 15 projects including CSG gathering, gas, oil, water and slurry pipelines.

The company has been responsible for delivery of some of the longest and largest water pipeline projects in the country and constructing the nation’s largest CSG gathering network – all of which were delivered safely and on time.


Resource developers, State and Local Governments have continued to engage MPC Kinetic to construct their pipeline projects, because they know they can count on our experienced pipeline workforce and management team to overcome challenges and deliver their project on schedule and to budget. We are the experts in large diameter pipeline construction and have delivered gas pipelines up to 1200mm (48”) in diameter and water pipelines up to 900mm (36”) in diameter.


The company’s pipeline delivery team has earned a solid industry reputation for its can do culture, particularly when constructing large-scale pipeline projects within short timeframes to address drought conditions, or in challenging desert and remote locations.


Our in-house specialists, teamed with Australia’s largest and most modern fleet of specialist pipeline plant enable us to mobilise anywhere in the country in short timeframes.


Our sustained success in the pipeline industry is based on strong client collaboration and effective community consultation and environmental management. We have received more than 10 industry awards for safety and environmental excellence.

Gas Projects

Tanami Natural Gas Pipeline

Project Value: $112 million

Location:  Tanami Desert, Northern Territory

Pipe Scope:  440km (200mm dia Steel Pipeline)

Client: Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG)

Timeframe: June 2018 - February 2019

Workforce: ​​350+

GLNG Field Development Project

Project Value: $180 million

Location:  Roma, Queensland

Project Scope:  1,300km, HDPE Pipeline up to 900mm dia, 800+Well Head Separator Skids

Client: Santos QLD Upstream Developments Pty Ltd

Timeframe: March 2018 - January 2020

Workforce: ​​300

Comet Ridge to Wallumbilla Pipeline

Project Value: $67 million


Location: Roma, Queensland


Project Scope: Construct and install 120 km of 200mm diameter Steel Pipeline

Client: Santos


Timeframe: Sept 2013 - Nov 2014


Workforce: ​​300+

Water & Slurry Projects

Peel Drought Relief Pipeline

Project Value: $23 million

Location: Tamworth, New South Wales

Project Scope: 18.2 kilometres of 710mm diameter, complex connection works, pump stations and HV works

Client: WaterNSW

Timeframe: Nov 2019 - Apr 2020

Workforce: ​​40+

Wentworth to Broken Hill Pipeline

Project Value: $467 million

Location: Wentworth to Broken Hill, New South Wales

Project Scope: 270 kilometres, MSCL 700mm diameter, pump stations and Bulk Water storage ponds

Client: WaterNSW

Timeframe: Jan 2018 - Dec 2018

Workforce: ​​450+

Woleebee Creek to Glebe Weir Pipeline Project

Project Value: $200+ million

Location: Wandoan, Queensland

Project Scope: 120 kilometres, MSCL 900mm diameter, pump stations and associated works

Client: SunWater

Timeframe: Mar 2013 - Aug 2014

Workforce: ​​400+

Cardinia Connection Alliance Project.PNG

Cardinia Connect Alliance Project

Project Value: $48.5 million

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Project Scope: 2.3km water pipeline, MSCL 1400mm diameter  

Client: Melbourne Water

Timeframe: Jan 2010 - Oct 2010

Workforce: ​​50

Maleny to Landers Shute

Project Value: $6 million

Location: Maleny, Queensland

Project Scope: 8.8km high pressure (uphill) water pipeline, 200mm diameter, pump stations and associated works

Client: Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Timeframe: Jan 2010 - Oct 2010

Workforce: ​​60


Sugarloaf Pipeline Project

Project Value: $50 million

Location: Yea to Yarra Glen, Victoria

Project Scope: 44km water pipeline, MSCL 1200mm diameter and associated works

Client: Sugarloaf Pipeline Alliance

Timeframe: Oct 2008 - Dec 2009

Workforce: ​​150

MPC_100611_507 (Small).jpg

SINO Iron Ore Mine Pipeline Projects

Project Value: $120+ million

Location: Cape Preston, WA

Project Scope: 90+ kilometres of Concentrate, Return and Desalination pipeline, ranging in diameter from 1200mm, 800mm and 750mm Steel Pipe as well as a 17kilometres Tailings Return pipeline.

Client: MCC Mining

Timeframe: Jan 2011 - Nov 2011

Workforce: ​​350+