In addition to our ability to deliver large-scale mining infrastructure, we also provide world-class Mining Technology Services.

This portfolio of services includes slim-hole wireline geophysical logging, downhole survey, water bore logging and bore integrity verification which deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to the market.

We integrate proven measurements with our in-house capabilities to deliver high quality data for use across the fields of geophysics, geology, geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology, well integrity and environmental management and metrology.


Conventional Logging

MPC Kinetic's Conventional Mining Technology services provides our clients with a wide range of sub-surface measurements to enable them to build improved geological, geomechanical, geotechnical and hydrogeological models.

A range of deployment methods are available, including truck and light vehicle- based platforms,

skid-mounted units that can be transported by helicopter, and third-party vehicles in the remotest locations.

Services provided include;

  • Formation imaging and Dipmeter logging

  • Sonic and Vertical Seismic Profiling

  • Formation Density

  • Porosity and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

  • Downhole Assay

  • Resistivity and Conductivity

  • Water Flow, Quality and Sampling

  • Magnetic Susceptibility

  • A range of Gamma Ray and Calliper tools

Semi-Autonomous Production Logging

MPC Kinetic operates the world’s only semi-automated high efficiency Downhole Assay Service. The service provides our clients with near, real-time borehole assay data, directly into their blast pad models, allowing them to make improved decisions on production and ore blending.

Our OreSight™ vehicle replaces outdated methodology which generated a large quantity of physical samples and transported for analysis, incurring significant time and costs before the analysis which was not always effective at characterising thin layers.

MPC Kinetic’s latest innovation instead allows for the collection of geochemical data using FastGrade™ tools on blast-pads which see 50 – 60 holes logged in a 12-hour shift with data automatically transferred via 4G to our real-time operations centre – OreSight Central – for analysis.

From exploration through to production, MPC Kinetic’s methodology can be used to improve safety, efficiency and reduce costs for mining companies as well as:

  • Improved Resource Classification

  • Improved QA/QG Process

  • Explosives Optimisation

Data Processing & Interpretation

​MPC Kinetic provides a comprehensive range of Quality Control, Processing and Interpretation services for downhole geophysical data. These services add value to the measurements for our clients and help to make workflows more efficient.


Services include;

  • Automated facies and geological picking

  • Televiewer and image log interpretation

  • Sonic and VSP processing

  • 3D Geomechanics analysis

  • Moisture, porosity and permeability reporting

  • Efficiency & Recovery Yield

  • Reduced Laboratory Costs

  • Real-time Data Processing

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