The only thing that MPC Kinetic like to leave behind is a positive impression with our host communities.

We pride ourselves on our strong commitment to social responsibility and we believe that working alongside communities, results in positive outcomes for everyone – our clients, our workforce and most importantly, the surrounding community.

As part of our commitment to creating lasting contributions, we help to support regional communities through sponsorship and education initiatives.

In addition, we have implemented organisation-wide policies and procedures to guide our company and its employees when interacting with all project stakeholders.

Local First


MPC Kinetic understands that providing opportunities for local economic participation in our projects is one of the keys to supporting regional growth in the communities we operate in. That’s why we’ve adopted a Social Responsibility Policy that ensures our company engages local service providers and material suppliers wherever possible to enhance the local economies of host communities.

Where possible, we look for opportunities where Australian industries can participate, including in the provision of goods, equipment, services and technology required to meet the needs of our projects in Australia.

We are committed to being consistent in all of our business dealings, and to having the highest level of professional and ethical standards. We operate a business management system that consistently provides products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

We know that our supply chain can have a major impact on the cost, quality, and delivery time of construction projects, therefore our high standards for health and safety, environmental matters and community relations are consistently communicated to our supply chain.

For more information and to sign-up to be a vendor for MPC Kinetic see Vendor Registration.

Local Employment


MPC Kinetic recognises that a skilled and competent workforce is one of our greatest assets and as such, we are committed to providing training and development opportunities for all employees.

​We also understand the immense benefits that we can provide to host communities by offering employment and training opportunities for people in our host communities.

As such, our workforce is drawn from a wide cross section of human resource pools, but we actively seek out and are committed to employing and training local

people wherever possible.

Local Engagement

The activities and events that MPC Kinetic participate in reinforce our commitment to the communities we operate in and aim to positively impact the lives of those within them.

We are proud of the initiatives that we have been associated with to date and know that each has played an important role in developing the cultural thread of the regional communities we operate in.

MPC Kinetic has developed a sponsorship program which enables community groups the opportunity to seek financial support from our company to assist in the holding of community events.

For more information or to request sponsorship towards your event visit Sponsorships.