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The activities and events that MPK participate in reinforce our commitment to the communities we operate in and aim to positively impact the lives of those within them. We are proud of the initiatives that we have been associated with to date and know that each has played an important role in developing the cultural thread of our surrounding regional communities.


MPK has developed a sponsorship program which enables community groups the opportunity to seek financial support from our company to assist in the holding of community events. Apart from sponsorship, MPK also has an overarching commitment to assist non-profit organisations that endeavour to provide support for a wider cross section of the community.​


If you are a community organisation looking for sponsorship and would like to be considered for MPK sponsorship program, please send details of your request to and we will be in touch.


MPK understands that providing opportunities for local economic participation in our projects is one of the keys to supporting growth in the communities we operate in. That’s why we’ve adopted a Social Responsibility Policy to ensure we engage local service providers and material suppliers wherever possible to enhance the local economies of host communities.

We’re always on the look out for opportunities where Australian industries can participate, including in the provision of goods, equipment, services and technology required to meet the needs of our projects. For more information and to sign-up to be a vendor for MPK see Vendor Registration.

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