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Striving to lower emissions is front of mind for many organisations. That’s why MPK’s services are fundamental to helping companies manage their transition to a zero carbon future with environmentally friendly solutions that support optimal production, productivity and maintenance.


Our dynamic team is focused on natural gas upstream solutions, the transition fuel to a clean energy future. In high demand from clients, including blue chip energy operators such as Shell, Origin, Santos, Arrow, Beach, Chevron, Senex, Westside and OMV, MPK is regarded as the 'can do' team to assist businesses, large and small, to deliver their lower emissions targets.


Seeking services and equipment for the safe and responsible management of wellsite fluids? MPK can provide it and more. We are the industry leader in the safe and environmentally progressive management of fluids and water produced during the LNG extraction process.


We offer a wide range of LNG services for well remediation, completion and decommissioning. Our commitment to industry innovation has continued to advance Australia’s LNG sector.


We offer tailored chemical solutions for upstream and downstream customers to support their field operations leading to increased operational outputs and improved asset lifecycles.

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