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As a market leader in the installation of large-scale LNG and renewable energy networks for the world’s leading utility and energy companies, we can help safely deliver a sustainable, clean energy future.


With more than 10,000km of pipeline networks constructed for the nation’s energy and water resource sectors, MPK has become a strong and constant presence in Australia’s pipeline industry. Ever ready to respond to a challenge, we have been responsible for delivering large-scale pipeline projects, often within short timeframes, to help drought-proof regional communities in desert and remote locations.


Being recognised as infrastructure experts, has enabled us to collaborate with some of the nation’s leading LNG energy developers. These organisations rely on MPK for its innovative end-to-end facility solutions – from concept and development, to transmission and distribution. Long-term maintenance and optimisation programs are also provided as projects come on stream. 


MPK has become the delivery partner of choice in the renewables sector, not just for our extensive civil construction expertise, but because of the genuine pursuit we have for innovative solutions that add value to our projects. As a member of the Clean Energy Council, MPK understands the opportunities and benefits of a multi-tiered energy production framework that underpins Australia’s energy needs today, and into the future.

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