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The safety and wellbeing of our people is fundamental to our business and is integrated into the way we work. Clear expectations are established for our leaders, supervisors and personnel, to ensure we never compromise people’s safety under any circumstances.


Our dedicated workforce has an exceptional track record for achieving productivity in the safest manner possible. As a result, 15 industry safety awards have been awarded to MPK over the past five years.


•    Engaged, demonstrated and accountable leadership;
•    Empowered people who provide innovative ideas and solutions;
•    Core Mandatory Requirements that drive high standards; and
•    Organisational Learning.

The team at MPK work hard to make our operations as safe as possible by constantly assessing the safety of our workplaces. MPK’s Core Mandatory Requirements have been established to ensure our critical risks are managed effectively and to a consistent standard across all workplaces. Our company-wide workplace health and safety framework helps to ensure best-practice management occurs at all times, at every level of our operations.


MPK's HSEQ Teams provide leadership, guidance, and the required support to foster an environment where operations and projects are completed safely, with minimum impact on the environment and while delivering exceptional services to our clients and host communities.

  • Achieve the highest performance in Workplace Health and Safety and complying with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of practices and, where adequate laws do not exist, applying standards that reflect MPK's pursuit of best practice for Workplace Health and Safety;

  • Seeking continual improvement in our Workplace Health and Safety performance;

  • Ensuring management practices, technology and safety performance are maintained in consultation with employees and contractors; and

  • Recognising Workplace Health and Safety is everyone's responsibility so that everyone performs their duties with the highest regard, not only for their own safety, but for the safety of others.


To ensure the safety of our workforce are maintained and positive safety behaviours are fostered, we have implemented the following safety initiatives:

  • Establishment of a Health and Wellbeing Committee

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing Program

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • Corporate Health Plan

  • Safety Culture Program

  • 'Cheers from your Peers' - Safety and Environment Award


MPK have developed a highly-tailored Assist and Assure Program that is embedded across the company to keep its workforce safe and mentally healthy. MPK’s Health and Wellbeing Committee was formed with representatives from across the business to develop an annual program of events that lead to a healthier workforce and align with the company’s overarching corporate health and wellbeing plan.

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