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We take a 360° approach to sustainability ensuring all of our actions are sustainable by design. This proactive, transformative culture benefits our customers and the communities we operate in.


MPK are leaders in supporting major energy and resources companies transition to the green energy economy. We achieve this through our holistic approach, our ingenuity and technical expertise, and our ability to forward plan.


We are actively involved in the building of renewable energy projects and constructing and servicing the gas industry to ensure low emissions energy for now and the future.


Over the past decade, 24% of our project workforces have been recruited from host communities. In that time, MPK has also engaged with more than 400 host community businesses and invested in excess of $447m with them, which has in turn enabled local business sectors to develop and increase their local employment focus.


We respect the Cultural Heritage of the lands that we work on and, through our genuine engagement with Traditional Owners, recognise and value the spiritual and physical connection they have with country. MPK's overarching goal is to work closely with Traditional Owners and ensure their Cultural Heritage values, beliefs and sites of significance are always protected and preserved.

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