well equipment SOLUTIONS


MPC Kinetic’s well equipment is engineered to improve well site performance and sustainability.


We are leaders in zero contact, total containment, and pitless drilling solutions and have a proven track record for delivering superior environmental, operational and safety outcomes. Units are provided on a rental basis to avoid costly, upfront expenditures.

All our equipment may be customised to suit your needs or we can design and manufacture to products to meet your requirements.

In-house engineering and manufacturing has helped to deliver a number of innovations tailored to our customer’s operations.


These solutions are driven by improving environmental and economic deliverables. Some of these solutions include:


SCUF is an acronym for Safe Controlled Unload and Flowback.


Easy to operate mobile units used for unload, sweeps, jetting, air assisted flow testing, and flow backs.


Typically used for coal seam gas workovers and completions, they remove the need for digging pits on every well location.

Flare 360 

MPC Kinetic’s patented SCUF and Flare system allows operators the ability to continue standard clean out operations using the SCUF™ but with the addition of a flare.

The flare is combined with a storage tank to reduce the number of loads required and provide a stable platform for the flare stack and blower system. This system can handle total gas flow rates up to 6.0 MMSCFD.

Blowers draw gas and air from the SCUF™ and force this through to the flare stack where it is flared.   Positive air flow from the blowers ensure positive exit velocities exist at the flare tip to eliminate burn back.

Land Liner

Land Liner is a protective membrane that ensures total containment and an anti-slip surface for wellsite activities.


It is a durable, composite membrane that will contain any spills containment and reduce the need for dust suppression.


Land Liners are certified by Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) as an allowable input for use on organic certified land.

Closed Loop Workover Package

MPC Kinetic’s Closed Loop Workover package consists of a SCUF tank, Flare 360, FLIP skid, and FLOC capability.


The main benefit of the Closed Loop fluid system is the elimination of trucking fluid to and from the wellsite. The initial kill fluid is taken from the gathering network, where all solids are removed.


The fluid is then used in the workover, and as fluid is flowed back it is again treated by our proprietary FLOC process to remove solids and can then be re-injected into the gathering network.

Conventional Well Live Well Workover

The Conventional Well Live Workover solution allows for fast well intervention.


This solution allows the workover to be done in underbalance, therefore eliminating the introduction of kill fluid, and greatly reducing the impact of the operation on reservoir performance, and the near wellbore interface.


This system can also replace snubbing.

Flowline Injection Pump (FLIP)

MPC Kinetic’s Flow Line Injection Pump (FLIP) Skid has been designed to improve efficiency and safety of workover and completion operations while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

This pump is engineered to take fluid from a gathering network, and following use and treatment through the proprietary FLOC process, return it to the network.

Flare Tank Degasser 36"

The 36” Degasser Flare Tank is capable of capturing, separating and flaring up to 5MMSCF per day.

It is designed to be used to circulate out gas, cut mud (in the event of a kick) and is also suitable for use during well testing, flaring off any gas produced from the vent line, or during any other operations which require the well to be flowed back.

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